Iceland: An Introduction

Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice

Once upon a time, Stephan and I got married. We didn’t really have any money at the time, but that was okay because we were In Love and also that was the entire reason we were getting married in the first place: it just made fiscal sense.

I really wanted to go to Iceland for our honeymoon, but we decided we’d wait until we had some a) money and b) vacation time to do it up right. So instead of a proper honeymoon, we went to Skamania Lodge for a few nights which was extra super fun because I was food poisoned at some point but NEVER MIND. And THEN Stephan surprised me with a honeymoon to Maui a few months later anyway—like, totally surprised. Emailed my boss and requested my vacation time, gave me 30 minutes to pack (apparently, my brain hears “80 degrees” and thinks “oh, short-sleeved sweaters”), didn’t tell me where we were going until on the way to the airport.

That was an excellent and super fun trip where we went snorkeling every day and saw a turtle (we like to tell ourselves). The only drawbacks were that Stephan was sick (one of us always is!) and I accidentally stepped on a hermit crab and cracked his shell open, an ecosystem-shattering grievance for which I still feel guilty to this day. Since that trip ticked the honeymoon box, though, we put Iceland on further hold, until we turned five.

So in the fall of 2011, at the very tail end of tourist season, we went to Iceland. And, Internets, it was the best trip I’ve ever been on and my new favorite place in the world. It wildly exceeded my expectations and I would move there tomorrow if I could.

I meant to tell you all about it much sooner, but first there was that job I had just started, then I got pregnant, then there was that job from which I was made redundant, then I was still pregnant, then there was that famous baby from The Daily Alice. Because it was so very, very long ago, you probably won’t get much narrative, but that’s okay because BORING. Who wants to hear a minute-by-minute account of someone else’s vacation anyway? I thought that’s why Al Gore invented the Internet, so he wouldn’t have to sit politely through other people’s hours-long vacation slide presentations. Put it all online where you can sit through interminable blog posts as impolitely as you want.

[I have lots of photos so there will be LOTS of posts. You have been warned.]


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